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Sites that offer free PHP web sites

This may be a real good FREE web site!

It has SQL

It has PHP Login Join FTP ********* yaa_8359205 www.********** yaa_8359205 Email????? E-mail Doesn't work Join Join Order Join Join Order E-mail Doesn't work
Setting up How to set up or create the websites.

Setting up or creating the DNS records for websites.

Setting up or creating the domain names for websites.

Setting up or creating the host names for websites.

Setting up or creating the Name Servers (NS) for websites. Join Join Order fooood sc*rp**n c*v* scocav newnew582 badcop dedded5 sbdsbd patsch5
above is 1st UNuse account pat created - it has Axxxxxxxxxxxx too
nope rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx patsch196 A*******6 P*t Sch****d!!! mikdur4 todtod7 pvmpvm4 pvmpvm4 dayjob9?
mikesjavascript mikjav4
baby-names migdir
lost-pets micdir5
se nooboo4
seaf afpsea
seap gungoo7
sesql sesql
sqlse sqlse
senews senew
news-articles linbap r***************
papagoparkmurder pappar6
arizonalibertarian mikros7
temptowntoilet temtoi
I screwed it up!!!! - It should be TEMPETOWNTOILET, not TEMPTOWNTOILET
NOTE - TWO different accounts - NOTE 2 different accounts
Larry LeBlanc Construction Lockers larleb3 larleb3
Larry LeBlanc Construction Lockers larleb32 larleb32
relegalizeradlad RAD LAD - ReLegalize All Drugs
relegalizeradlad RAD LAD - Legalize all drugs
tempetowntoilet temtow
shelleybob67shebob A*****

bureaucrats mikbur9 - NORML - Dennis
tom-and-jean tomjea3
safertest micjon62
calender micjon29
kathyinmanlawsut micjon1 - a......
homelessinarizona micjon95
homelessintempe radpac
mykrap mykra
They created a second zombie account with no website with mykra6
mykrap???? mykra6 - a zombie
This one doesn't have a website associated with it.
See if I can create a website for it. micjon238
they screwed it up
atheistcurmudgeons micjon487 get from emails - mickey???
mystuff micjoc get from emails - mickey???
sejob sejob
thejerk thejer6
strategic-edge stredg
bad-chandler-cop badcop3
babynames micdir dayjob9 genmal m__d__ micdir
rxxx_n*** mikdir6 xgweql frogif miklib s__c__ scocav s__c__ scocav scocav s__c__ scocav jesmal10 plans before IPOWER take over (from pats shlp ticket)
Plans after takeover by IPOWER
IPOWER plans compared

E-mail Doesn't work barfs with
Fatal error: Call to undefined function imap_binary()
in send_an_email.php on line 274
Email ?????? I am waiting to get the e-mail from them saying my account has been activated Email ?????? I am waiting to get the e-mail from them saying my account has been activated Email ?????? Email ?????? This site SUCKS!!!!

They have so many pop-up windows you almost have to be supernatural to close them all!

It sucks so bad that their pop-up windows not only crashed Internet Explorer but caused WINDOWS to crash!!! sucks NEVER get an account with them! They suck BAD, BAD, BAD, BAD, BAD, BAD, BAD, BAD, BAD
username = b13_1359437
seems like a clone of
Client ID: 418999
Login: miksup
Email ?????? Email ?????? this one probably sucks! its a FORUM not a free web site they LIED 1) the krappy editor can be fixed to allow HTML editing 2) cool they allow porn!!!!! Email ?????? A PLESK web page comes up! I suspect they have gone out of business.

Yesterday when I first tried it instead of a web page being displayed, the PHP code behind the web page was displayed.

Either they have gone out of business or they are having technical problems.

Email ?????? Username: 63502 Email ?????? I signed up for what seemed like a free web site. But I never got a free web site. All I got was a bunch of spam. This place seems like a big waste of time too. Another site to avoid!

You have to become a member of their silly BBS and get X bonus points before they give you a free web site!

Screw em!!!! This is their BS!

Once you get Required no. of Credits, You make a Request at REQUEST FREE WEB HOSTING Section. Know more about making a Free web hosting request.
UK Tripod, not US Tripod and they have PHP!!! EMAIL WORKS
too many ads! try again and if lots of spam give up I tried several times to get an account. Either they are just too screwed up or I am too dumb to use their stuff.

So I give up trying to get an account here! Email ??????
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