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Maricopa County Community Colleges Tuition just goes up and up

Tuition now costs $65 a credit hour or $975 for a full time 15 hour course load.

They want to jack it up to $71 a credit hour or $1,065 for a full time 15 hours course load.

I used to take full time loads of 18 hours a semester. That would be $1,170 at the $65 rate and $1,278 at the $71 rate.

When I first went it cost $45 for more then 12 hours and $25 for 12 hours or less

I suspect the reason for the hikes is they realize that the Feds will pay for a large number of students tuition costs, thus the students will submit willingly to the rate hikes. That is because the students are not paying their tuition with their own money, but rather paying it with money the government gives them.


Now based on this the min wage increased by a factor of 4.5 times from 1960 to 2009.

So if the cost of college in Maricopa County increased at the same rate the min wage did in 2009 taking a full time load should cost $203.

But they want to raise the cost of tuition for a full time load in 2009 to $1,278. So the cost of tuition at the Maricopa County Community Colleges has increased much faster the the min wage has. It has increased more then 6 times as much.


February 26, 2008 - 11:47PM

Proposal hikes colleges' tuition

Kelly McGrath, Tribune

The Maricopa County Community College District's governing board is considering raising tuition by $6 per credit hour. The proposal was presented to the board at a meeting Tuesday night and will be reviewed until a decision is made in late March, officials said.

If approved, tuition would cost $71 per credit hour, according to Chris Chesrown, director of public information for the district. For the average full-time student taking 30 credit hours a year the cost will rise to $2,130, a $180 increase, Chesrown said.

"Anytime there is a proposal to increase tuition or cost of any kind, the governing board takes it very seriously and examines the proposal very carefully," he said.

The increase was suggested after it was determined that additional resources were needed to increase retention, pay for public safety and cover increases in operating costs, according to a statement released by the board Tuesday night.

The district's tuition has not increased in the last two years, according to the statement.

The board is to vote on the recommendation March 25. If it passes, the changes will take place July 1.


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