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Government of the people by the people for the people

"Government of the people by the people for the people"

is what Lincoln said in his Gettysburg Address speech in the Civil war. But that is a bunch of rubbish and it doesn’t work that way at all. As Mike Kaery said in 1991 it is more like:

Government of the people
by the elected officials and appointed government bureaucrats
for the elected officials, appointed government bureaucrats and special interest groups that got them elected.
That is how it actually works.

Elected officials usually tend to do things first for the special interest groups that helped them get elected and last for the people that they rule.

Elected officials, appointed government bureaucrats and government employees tend to look out for THEIR interests first, as opposed to the interests of the people that they rule.

One typical thing government rulers do is empire building. The more people that work for them the more t hey get paid, so they tend to hire as many people as possible to make them look more important, so they can ask for a bigger salary.

The same thing happens in the private sector, but when a business fails to correct the problem the business goes bankrupt.

Sadly governments never go bankrupt! When empire building happens in government, they just steal more money from us to pay for the bigger empire. I guess in politically correct terms you would say they tax us more to pay for the bigger empire. But taxes are the same as stealing.

Last in the private sector when employees get out of control they can be easily fired. When the officers of a company get out of control they can be fired by the board of directors.

In theory the same thing can be done in government. But in reality recall elections rarely occur because of the huge number of people that are needed to sign petitions and large amounts of money needed to organize them.

Impeachments rarely happen either. Sadly because government rulers tend to think it more important to cover each other butts , then to look out for the people interests.

Perhaps a good example of how unresponsive the government rulers are to the will of the people is the American Iraqi war.

When George W. Bush invaded Iraq during his first term the Iraqi war had a majority support of the American people. But over time the support has gone downhill and very few Americans support the war.

I believe in the 2005 U.S. Congressional Elections the American public overwhelmingly booted the Republicans out of office and elected Democrats who said they would end the war.

Well as I write this it is January 2008 and there is not end in sight for the Iraqi war. The Democrats who are in power have done nothing other than talk a lot about ending the war.

Since the Democrats have been elected there has been no change in the war policy. The only real change in Congress has been that a little bit more pork now goes to special interest groups Democrats favor.

This is a very good example of how government rulers tend to favor their interests, the interests of government bureaucrats and the special interests groups that gave them money and helped them get into power over the people they are supposed to represent!


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