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Always end a URL with a slash '/'

This is really embarrassing but you always learn something new!

You should always enter the trailing ‘/’ slash at the end of a web URL. Why because it is faster.

Two reason. First if you enter a wrong URL it doubles the number of requests it takes to fetch the web page.

For example if you enter:
And you look at the data that is sent to the browser you will see that this request returns
HTTP/1.1 302 Found
Of course your browser is smart enough to say “the dumb user entered the wrong web address” but I will correct it and send the correct URL which the browser got from the initial request and is:
back to the website. But the key is it took two commands to request the web page when t he page could have been fetched with one command.

Now the second reason it is faster to type:
with the slash ‘/’ at the end instead of
with out the slash ‘/’ at the end is that if you type first instance with the ending slash ‘/’, the server doen’nt have to figure out if ‘foo/’ is a file or a subdirectory. It knows that ‘foo/’ is a subdirectory because of the ending slash ‘/’.

Now if you type the 2nd URL which doesn’t end with a slash ‘/’ the server will have to figure out if ‘foo’ is a file or directory. This doesn’t take much time, but when your creating web pages it will save a little time for the server.

Also you can use this program or web page to test the logic. It will show you what the server returns when you type in

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