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PHXNORML: "The Rule of Law Has Been Lost" by Craig Roberts - 1 new

January 19, 2010 The Rule of Law Has Been Lost By Paul Craig Roberts " Never in its history have the American people faced such danger to their constitutional protections as they face today from those in the government who hold the reins of power and from elements of the legal profession and the federal judiciary that support "energy in the executive.' - Wed, Jan 20 2010 11:23 am 1 message, 1 author

PHXNORML: Karaoke W/ Dr. Dot & Ronzilla - 1 new

Attention All! Get your Groove on With Dr. Dot & Ronzilla Monday February 8th @ Brigett's Last Laugh 17222 N. Cave Creek Rd. All are invited - Thurs, Jan 21 2010 2:25 am 1 message, 1 author

PHXNORML: Phoenix NORML Governor Jan Brewer Letter writing campaign - 1 new

{Given the Arizonas electorates approval of past drug-related ballot propositions, this proposal promises to go over better with the general public than any attempt to release violent felons} Please contact Jan Brewer , Arizona State Governor, and tell her how to save some money by releasing NON- violent drug offenders to house arrest or probation. Please also inform her of the money Arizona is losing in industrial Hemp , as we are a prime state for growing industrial Hemp. - Thurs, Jan 21 2010 9:00 am 1 message, 1 author

PHXNORML: 3/11/2010 Commander Tony Ryan~{law enforcement against prohibition}~ - 1 new

The Strategic Edge Business Alliance is very happy to welcome Denver Police Officer, (36 years), Commander Tony Ryan, now a spokesman for LEAP, (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition): MARCH 11 2010 THE RULES 1.}Please arrive before 7:30 Am, & Turn your cel phone OFF!! 2.}Be "nice": No Profanity, & No Caustic Comments directed at someone present 3.}Tip Generously - Thurs, Jan 21 2010 9:04 am 1 message, 1 author

PHXNORML: 2010 Phoenix March Group~LET GET ACTIVE !!!!!!!! - 1 new

The WorldWide Marijuana March Phoenix Joins the World as we march against prohibition May 1,2010 4:20WORLDWIDEMARIJUANAMARCH.OR G If you believe you should have the right ,as a responsible adult American,to choose a safer alternative to alcohol or prescription drugs,please show up!!! If you cannot walk,ride along in yourcar with us!! Bring signs and banners and join us as we march in solidarity against cannabis prohibition. - Thurs, Jan 21 2010 9:15 am 1 message, 1 author

PHXNORML: Patients Group Meeting 1-25-2010 - 1 new

We are starting a patients group. This will be a support group where we can help each other. We will also spend time doing what it is that NORML Patients do. If you are interested in attending please contact Bill Fisher at azf...@ - Thurs, Jan 21 2010 9:20 am 1 message, 1 author


Attention All! Get your Groove on With Dr. Dot & Ronzilla Monday, February 8th, 9 pm until 2 am @ Brigett's Last Laugh 17222 N. Cave Creek Rd. All are invited She is a very famous woman, and has appeared on several European channels. She is a rock and roll masseuse, singer, film maker, comedian, talk show host, sex and romance columnist - Thurs, Jan 21 2010 1:45 pm 1 message, 1 author

PHXNORML: FW: Healing of the Nations - 1 new

Greetings PHOENIX NORML: Below are some emails i have sent in the past , that may be of interest to some of you. They are a way for you all get to know me better. Universally Eternal BlessingsCyCo Rev. ReX ...To: ericalindseywilli...@ ;;; cri...@ nationalactionnetwork.n et; elwilli...@americanprogress.or g; pchar...@pbwt. com; - Thurs, Jan 21 2010 3:37 pm 1 message, 1 author