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Phoenix Weather

For national weather go to
type in
phoenix, az
at the top and it will give you the Phoenix weather page
When you at the Phoenix page you can get a bunch of info by click on
or by going here
and you can do this stuff in the window that pops up

to get temps, and rain for any date use this click on

Daily Climate Report (CLI)
once there you can select any date

it will give you
  • low/high for the date
  • normal min/max for the date
  • rain, snow (yea like we have SNOW in Phoenix)
  • wind speed
  • gust speed
  • humidity low/high
  • dew point
  • sunrise sunset times
  • high/low humidity
Grab the page and put a copy of it here!!!!!

click on this box and it will give you all the stuff for each day of the month.

Preliminary Climatology Data (CF6)
to get a nice summary go down to
quick weather
and it will give you a summary

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