If we hired people the same way we elect them

Vote for me!!!!!

vote for me

Elect me, or the terrorists win.

Elect me, I'm not as unqualified for the office as the other candidates... Who are all members of a satanic cult, by the way!

OOO ... Nice list of celebrity endorsements!

Sadly Wiley is right on this.

If you have a job opening and the only people that showed up and applied for the job were Hitler, Stalin, and Mao, along with Charles Manson, Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy the hiring manager would probably say “I’m going to leave this job open till I get some better qualified candidates who are not serial killers”.

But in government when a bunch of morons, idiots or jerks that have the same personalities as Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Charles Manson, Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy run for an elected office, the creep who gets the most votes always gets the job. You don’t have a choice when you vote to say “I don’t want to elect ANY of the creeps!”

Sadly most of us have many times selected a candidate we didn’t want, only because that candidate appeared to be the lesser of the 2 evils that were running for office.

Wouldn’t it be nice if for every election we could select

“none of the above”
as a candidate? And if the “none of the above” candidate won the election, then the job would not be filled, and the office would remain vacant for the entire term.

Imagine that electing a non-existent person to office, who can’t raise your taxes, micro-manage your life or bother you in any way for a two or four year job term.

If you ask me as soon as people found out that voting for “non of the above” would mean your taxes could not be raised and you wouldn’t have a government nanny to micro-manage your life for four years a very large number of elected jobs would be soon filled by the non-existent “none of the above” candidate.

Nevada actually has such a law. It is NRS 24-293.269. Well actually the wording of the Nevada law is “None of these candidates”. But it is only symbolic. Sadly if “none of the above” wins, the job is filled and the human creep who got the most votes.

I think it would be great if people in every entity that has elections got a law that required a “none of the above” candidate to be on every ballot.

More importantly the law also says that if “none of the above” wins the election, then the office remains unfilled for the entire term.

Last since “none of the above” can’t possibly commit any crimes nor do something unethical, when none of the above is elected to an office, it should be impossible to recall or impeach “none of the above” .

There is a third party, besides the Democrats and the Republicans called the Libertarian Party. In all their internal elections they always have a candidate called “none of the above” . And if “none of the above” actually wins the office is not filled.

I think this Liberation concept of “none of the above” is something the Republicans and Democrats should embrace and start using.

For those of you who are unaware of the Liberation Party, the Libertarian party wants to reduce the size of government drastically. Most Libertarians would be happy if government was reduced in size by 99 percent and we only have one percent of the amount of government we currently have.

One other annoying thing about filling jobs by voting is you don’t get to interview people. When you hire a person to do a job you can at least sit down and have a interview with them and ask them a few questions to see if they are qualified to do the job. When you vote a person into to office you often literally know nothing about the person you are voting for. I remember when I was 21 years old I often voted for people just because of their party. And when several people from the same party were running for the same job I was clueless who to vote for and just rolled the dice to pick the candidates I voted for.

And for some offices even if I knew the back ground of the person I would be clueless on who to vote for. What makes a good “state mine inspector”. I don’t know anything about mining and certainly am not qualified to select someone who should run that office.

Later on in life I would actually call all of the candidates running for office and ask them a few questions. Some of them were so arrogant that they refused to answer my questions. They want me to vote them into office for four years so they can tax me, and micro-manage my life and they refuse to answer my questions.

The question I usually asked them all is “are you pro-life or pro-choice”. I figured if they were pro-life and thought they should be allowed to control a woman’s life then I wouldn’t vote for them.

The last thing that is bad about voting a person it’s a job is you can’t fire them easily. If I interview a person for 15 minutes or even an hour sooner or later I am going to make a mistake and hire a creep I don’t want. In real life you can just fire them. But when you vote them into office the only way to get a creep you accidently elected out of office is to recall them or impeach them. And both recalling and impeaching an elected official are very difficult things to do.

And since we placed Wiley’s cartoon here, go visit his web site and check out his other cartoons at gocomics.com/nonsequitur. He does a pretty good job of making fun of the government nannies that micro-manage our lives and suck our wallets dry with their high taxes.


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