USPS - United States Post Service Crooks

USPS refuses to deliver letter with correct postage

Screwed by the over paid workers at the U.S. Post Office

I sent this letter to my friend Ricky Duncan with two unused first class stamps attached.

The letter is easily under two ounces and there for that is the correct amount of postage.

The stamps didn't have enought stickem on the stamps so I taped the edges of the stamps to hold them on the letter.

I left tons of room on both stamps for the US Post Office to cancel the stamps.

If you look at the photo of the letter you can clearly see the outline of the tape on the stamps leaves enough room for the stamps to be post marked.

But the jerks at the United States Post Office returned it to me uncanceled with these words stamped on it:

return for postage
stamp void when coated
covered, defaced or used
I don't think this was an accident by some idiot at the US Post Office who doesn't know the rules.

I suspect that the US Post Office INTENTIONALLY returns any letter with even the slightest form of tape near the stamps. I suspect the reason is to raise revenue for the post office any way they can, even if it means screwing people who mailed letters with the correct amount of postage attached like I did in this case.

We are given this line of krap that the government is a powerful servant that works for the public. That may be how it was intended 200 plus years ago but that ainít how it works now.

The way it works now is the government is a powerful servant that servers the elected Congressmen and Senators, appointed bureaucrats and special interest groups that helped the Congressmen and Senators get elected. And of course the government takes money from the rest of us and gives it to those Congressmen, Senators, appointed bureaucrats and special interest groups.

In this case the employees of the U.S. Postal Service are one of those special interest groups. Congress has passed laws making it illegal to deliver mail or compete with the US Post Office unless you deliver the mail for free or charge twice as much as the U.S. Post Office charges. Which means the U.S. Post Office can gouge us consumers when it sets prices.

Last but not least most of the people that work for the post office are vastly over paid clerical workers who make several times the amount of money at the U.S. Post Office, as they would be paid in the private sector.

I once compared the wages paid to a mail clerk at large private companies such as Motorola or Honeywell to the wages paid by the U.S. Post Office and post office workers made something like three times the wages as a private sector mail clerk.

And I suspect that is why the U.S. Post Office returned my letter. To raise the amount of money they collect to pay their over paid clerks.


Here is the letter I mailed which was returned to me.

If you look closely at the stamps you can see where the tape is, and that there is plenty of room for the Post Office to postmark the stamps.

Letter with correct postage that was returned by the US Post Office

Here is a close up of the stamps that were taped to the letter.

You can clearly see that the tape did not cover up the stamps and left plenty of room for the stamps to be postmarked by the US Post Office.

Legal uncanceled stamps, which the US Post Office refused to honor

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