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Tiny URL

TinyURL is an interesting site that allows you to convert long URLs into tiny URL’s.


How many times have you e-mailed a URL and had it get screwed up in the e-mail process so that when the people that get it, click on it and it doesn’t work.

You give their web site the long URL and their site creates a very short URL that when clicked on will send the user to the long URL. And hopefully when you email the short URL it won’t get screwed up.

For example it converted this URL
Into this simple short URL.
Click on both of them and you will end up at the same site which is a PDF file on LA Indy Media.

I suspect they do it with a redirect command. I forget what the HTML is but I have done it. I think it is a META html.

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="5">
Or like a
Location: URL
In the socket part of the data

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