Phoenix Budget

Almost ALL of the money goes to cops and firefighters

If you look at the above Phoenix budget or any city budget you will notice that they are almost always jobs programs for cops. Well jobs programs for cops and firemen.

The police department gets 10 times the budget of any other department, except for the fire department and parks and recreation department.

The fire department gets 5 times the budget of any other department, except for the parks and recreation department.

The police department budget comes in first with a huge $450+ million budget.

The fire department budget comes in a distant second place with just under $250 million which is almost half the amount of money the police get.

The parks and recreation department comes in a very distant third place with a measly $100+ million, which is less then half of what the firemen get and less then a fourth of what the police get.

The next 6 departments all come in with budgets between $25 and $50 million.

The last 20 departments have budgets of $25 million or less.

In the table I created below with rough numbers I entered from the bar graph notice that the police get 34% of the total budget. The fire department gets 18% of the total budget. The police and fire departments combined get 52% of the Phoenix city budget.

Police$45034.0 %
Fire$24018.1 %
Parks and Recreation$1108.3 %
Library$403.0 %
Municipal Court$403.0 %
Contingencies$302.3 %
Streets$302.3 %
Human Services$302.3 %
Public Transit$251.9 %
Finance$251.9 %
Prosecutor & Defender$251.9 %
Public Works$251.9 %
Messy Yard Cops$201.5 %
Personnel$201.5 %
Functions$201.5 %
Planning$201.5 %
City Clerk$201.5 %
Mayor & City Council$151.1 %
Information Technology$151.1 %
Law$151.1 %
Budget Research$151.1 %
Downtown Development$151.1 %
Economic Development$151.1 %
Equal Opportunity$151.1 %
Public Information$100.8 %
City Auditor$100.8 %
City Manager$100.8 %
Parking & Garages$100.8 %
Engineering Architechtural Services$100.8 %

This pdf document from the City of Phoenix was the source for my number.

Since they didn't give me the exact numbers for the bar graph I used this site to generate the total number and percents.


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