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Map of Phoenix and Tempe Papago Parks

Most people don't know it but there are two different Papago Parks. One Papago Park is in Phoenix.

The other Papago Park is on the other side of the Crosscut Canal in Tempe.

Please note the map has an error on it. That is College Avenue, but only in Tempe.

Where the words College Avenue are it is actually 68th Street, which is in Scottsdale, and it stays 68th Street going south till you hit Roosevelt where Tempe begins and the name changes from 68th Street to College Avenue.

Which leads to the second error on the map. Roosevelt is only Roosevelt on the East side of Scottsdale Road. On the west side of Scottsdale Road Roosevelt is really Continental Drive, which is a Tempe street.


Map of Phoenix Papago Park and map of Tempe Papago Park

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