Obama is all we have - don't give up hope!

Most people are too stupid to see that Obama is just as bad as Bush or McCain

Obama is as bad as George W. Bush or John McCain

Most people, Republicans and Democrats voted for Obama because they wanted change. Many Republicans who would never vote for a Democrat voted for Obama because Bush was such an embarrassment to the Republican party they didnít want to see Bush clone McCain elected into office.

Of course the Democrats voted for Obama because they wanted Bush out of office. And McCain was nothing more then a Bush clone to all of us.

Well what do you do a year later when it turns out you voted for the wrong guy. Obama is just a Bush or McCain clone. There ainít a dimes worth of diference between Obama, Bush and McCain!

Of course it is stupid to continue to give your loyalty to Obama just because he was the guy who promised to fix the ďBush problemĒ. Itís time to dump Obama too.

Sadly people donít get it. The solution to the problem is not another Republican or Democrat who promises to fix the mess the last Democrat or Republican created. The solution to the problem is a third party. Next time vote Libertarian.


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