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Korea borders Russia?

Geography of Korea, Japan, Russia and China

Your damn right that Russia has a border with Korea!

A tiny sliver of the U.S.S.R. or Russia follows the Pacific Ocean from the north part of Russia down south to North Korea!

Just north of Korea is the Russian warm water port of Vladivostok. It is warm in the sense that it is open year round and doesn't freeze up like the Russia ports on the north side of Russia.

The sliver or Russian land that borders Korea is only 11 miles wide at the border. And to the west of the Russian Border is China.

The rest of the North Korea's border is with China.

Marie's dad said that the Korean pensula is about the size of Flordia.

Korea is just west of Japan. And of course Japan is east of Korea and Russia. Japan is also south of some of Russia. And Japan is north of the Phillipines.

And of course Korea is south and east of China.

Some Korean War info from a Korean vet

He said that during the Korean war the Soviets would fly Mig jets into the war pertending to be Chinese. He said the Mig jets kicked American butt on the American propeller driven planes!

He also said that the North Korean invaders kicked butts on the land too. They drove the American all the way south and cornered them in a tiny area around Pusan.

He said that the Americans then invaded Korea at Inchon and cut Korea in half along the 38th Parallel. He said it was a damn smart military move.

The Americans then conquered almost all of Korea.

Well until the Chinese entered the war. Then the Americans were driven back to the 38th Parallel and the war ended in a tie where it started.

Korean War, Vietnam War, Iraq War

Marie's dad the Korean War was ended the same way the Vietnam War was. Congress cut off funding. He said he should have been promoted from a Corporal to a Sargent but because the funding was cut off that was impossible to do.

He also said the American people quickly hated the Korean war like they did the Vietnam and Iraq wars.

The REAL cause of the Korean War

I did some quick research after this and found out the real cause of the Korean War.

Korea along with Tawian were a colonies of Japan for at least 50 years prior to the end of WWII.

Of course when the Japanese lost WWII to the Americans and Soviets the goal of the Americans and Soviets was to split up the Japanese colonies between themselfs. Of course that meant it was the evil commies against the evil capitalists driving the whole thing.

Neither the Americans nor the Soviets wanted to do the right thing and give Korea back to the Koreans. Nope that would not fit into either the American or Soviet view of wanting to dominate the world.

I swiped this from Wiki. It may not be totally correct but it gives you the feel that the real cause of the Korean War the the US vs Soviet thing or Commies vs Capitalists.

On Saturday 24 June 1950, US Secretary of State Dean Acheson telephonically informed President Harry S. Truman, “Mr. President, I have very serious news. The North Koreans have invaded South Korea.” Truman and Acheson discussed a US invasion response with defense department principals, who agreed that the United States was obligated to repel military aggression, paralleling it with Adolf Hitler's 1930s aggressions, and said that the mistake of appeasement must not be repeated. [translation - don't let the evil commies have Korea] President Truman acknowledged that fighting the invasion was pertinent to the American global containment of communism: "Communism was acting in Korea, just as Hitler, Mussolini and the Japanese had ten, fifteen, and twenty years earlier. I felt certain that if South Korea was allowed to fall Communist leaders would be emboldened to override nations closer to our own shores. [hmmm.... the begining of that dommino theory rubbish!] If the Communists were permitted to force their way into the Republic of Korea without opposition from the free world, no small nation would have the courage to resist threat and aggression by stronger Communist neighbors."

Now Marie's dad said the war was started by the North Koreans. He said they wanted to unite Korea for their reasons. He said it was not a commie plot by either the Chinese or the Soviets to take over Korea. It was commies in North Korea who wanted to control South Korea.

Of course those North Korean commies were buddies with the Chinese and Soviet commies. But that does not mean the Chinese or the Soviets started the war. As Marie's dad said it was North Koreans who started the war.

Korean Language

I searched around for history of the Korean langage.

The Korean phonetic alphabet was invented in the 1400's. Their letters take on the shape of the mouth when you speak the sound. How cool.

For at least a thousand years the Koreans have also used the Chinese picture words to write with.

One article said that women, children and low class people write with the Korean phonetic alphabet and the upper class write with the picture words.

75 percent of the Korean words come from the Chinese language. But oddly the syntax of the language closely resenbles the syntax of the Japense language.


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