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Racist Arizona House chases Indians out of Glendale

Racist jerks in Arizona House create bill to help Glendale run the Indians out of town!

Is it 2010 or 1650? Well it is 2010 but the Arizona Legislators still think it is 1650 and they have created a bill to run the Indians out of the city of Glendale.

Republican Rep. Jerry Weiers is a racist *sshole who should be banned from the Arizona Legislator.


House panel targets casino plan

Feb. 3, 2010 12:00 AM

Associated Press

An Arizona House committee has approved a bill that could help Glendale prevent an American Indian tribe from building a casino near the city.

The measure comes in response to the Tohono O'Odham Nation's application to convert 100 acres of unincorporated land into a reservation, which would allow the tribe to build a casino. The tribe's application is still pending.

House Bill 2297, sponsored by Glendale Republican Rep. Jerry Weiers, would allow Glendale to annex the land, which would prevent the tribe from converting it to a reservation in order to allow gambling.

Weiers says the tribe is imposing gambling on his district without input from the community. The tribe says a decades-old federal law allows it to add land to its reservation.

The House Government Committee passed the bill, and it now heads to the Rules Committee.


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