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Hate groups - If you don't love the government your a hate group?

Let me get this straight if you hate government criminals who are flushing the constitution down the toilet you are a hate group? Such as 15 years ago in Chandler when the Chandler police rounded up all the brown skin people in downtown Chandler and put the ones in jail who couldnít prove they were American citizens?

Chandler got sued on that and lost badly.

Is a political party that demands the government obey the Constitution to the letter a hate group? Is the Libertarian Party a hate group?

It is pretty interesting that Bill Straus says you are a hate group if you donít love the government. But it is also interesting that Bill Straus asks the government to disobey the public meeting laws and keep his little meeting a secret!

Will Bill Straus call people who think he is hypocrite a hate group because of his double standard of expecting you to love government rulers who break the law?


Chandler officials to get briefing on growth of hate groups

by Edythe Jensen - Oct. 8, 2009 03:51 PM

The Arizona Republic

Chandler employees and elected officials will get a briefing Wednesday about a disturbing trend: the growth of hate group participation across Arizona.

"We don't even know about all the individuals sitting at computers day after day, seething over a number of different thing and blaming them on Hispanics, Blacks, Jews . . . and government," said Bill Straus, regional director for the Anti-Defamation League, who will speak at the session.

A noon brown bag gathering in City Council Chambers, the "Hate in the State" talk is aimed at educating municipal employees but must be open to the public because council members are invited, said diversity administrator Leah Powell. Straus had requested the meeting not be publicized fearing that could attract hate group members or disruptions. However, Arizona's open meetings law requires that the session be posted as a public meeting because members of the City Council and Human Relations Commission were invited, Powell said.

"Locally we are seeing momentum in the growth of these groups," Straus said. "One reason is the economic situation. People are out of jobs and Jews are at the top of the list of groups that they blame," he said. "Then there's the border situation. They think the influx of people who look and sound like they're from Mexico are responsible for all our ills."

Straus said Hispanics - many who are natives and have lived in the Valley for generations - are increasingly made to feel "less than American" when they are in a public place or seeking service in a restaurant or medical facility.

"Then there is the election of the first African-American president," he said. "Not everyone who criticizes the President is a racist, but there is a lot of racism."

The Anti-Defamation League monitors hate groups, sponsors diversity education programs and encourages residents to report incidents when they feel threatened, victimized or discriminated against. However, there is often little they can do about name-calling. "We enjoy freedoms in this country that make it legal to express things that are extremely offensive to others," he said.


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