Lubricating eye drops I buy at Target for $1.54

A long time ago I thought I had eye cancer or some horrible disease and that I was going to go blind. I went to the eye doctor and he told me it was nothing. As you get old your eyes donít produce as much moisture and every once in a while you need to put some eye drops in your eyes to make them moist. So I bought some eye drops and that was the end of the problem.

This summer my eyes started to dry up again and I was going to use the eye drops I had in my pocket but they were filthy. They looked like they were covered with a 100 years of dirt and filth.

I decided to buy some new eye drops because the old ones were probably infected with some evil bacteria and viruses that would probably make me go blind. As usual I had a problem figuring out which brand I bought last time.

I knew I bought the cheep stuff at Target but the markings were worn off. And I bought them for $1. I almost bought the high priced eye drops this time by accident. So to prevent that problem I scanned the box and put the photos on this web page so in 3 years when I have to buy more eye drops I can just look here and figure out which ones to buy at Target for $1.54

Target eye drops contain polyethylene glycol and naphazoline hydrochloride The important thing about these eye drops is that they are lubricating eye drops. They have polyethylene glycol to do the lubricating part. The expensive eye drops at Target have glycerin in them to do the lubricating part.

Normally I try to buy eye drops that DONíT have an antihistamine in them. I donít need the antihistamine. But the damn eye drops with out any antihistamine cost two or three times what these $1.54 eye drops cost.

In these eye drops the antihistamine is naphazoline hydrochloride and that is the chemical that takes the red out of your eyes. I am not a druggie so I donít need it.

backside of Target lubricant eye drops which contain polyethylene glycol


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