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End drug war, cut costs


End drug war, cut costs

Dear Editor:

We like to proudly say “land of the free, home of the brave,” but America has turned into a police state that would make Hitler, Stalin or Mao proud.

America jails more people per capita than any other country in the world, including Third World police states like Cuba, North Korea, Iran, Red China and the former Soviet republics.

Sadly, two-thirds of the people in American prisons are not there for real crimes that hurt someone like robbery, rape or murder. Two-thirds of the people in American prisons are there for political victimless drug war crimes, which didn’t hurt anyone. They smoked a joint or maybe sold a few grams of weed or other drug, but they didn’t hurt or rob anyone.

Keep in mind, currently two-thirds of the highly paid police officers are used to arrest people for these victimless drug war crimes. Two-thirds of the highly paid lawyers and judges in the criminal justice system are used to move these harmless Cheech and Chong bozos through the criminal justice system. And two-thirds of the prison guards and probation officers are used to baby-sit these harmless Cheech and Chong bozos after they have been convicted of a victimless drug war crime.

If the Arizona Legislature really wants to cut government waste, the drug war is the place to start. End the insane drug war and you will also end Arizona’s budget crisis.

The drug war is also a jobs program for police unions, and they will put up a big fight to keep their high-paying jobs.

******** *******
Tempe, Arizona


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