Cops illegally search safes for drugs

Cops lie about having "probable cause" to search safe for drugs?

I have been illegally searched by the police a number of times. Each time I am stopped I tell the cops they don't have permission to search me, my car, or my stuff.

Each time the cops disregard my request for them to honor my 4th Amendment rights and illegally search me, my car and my stuff.

Since I don't use drugs the cops never find anything.

Of course if the cops did find drugs, they would lie and say I gave them permission to search me, my car, and my stuff. That would make their illegal search hold up in court.

I often tell people that the police will search you illegally if they suspect you of any crimes.

The best way to keep from being illegally searched is to carry your stuff in a safe that opens with a combination lock. Never use a safe with a key lock. The cops will simply steal your key and use your key to open the safe, before they illegally search it.

This will prevent the cops from searching your stuff illegally with out your permission. Unless the cops illegally search you and happen to find the combination to the safe.

Now it turns out that my advice is bad. If you have a safe and the cops want to search your safe illegally they will simply lie and say they smell drugs in the safe to give them the legal "probable cause" needed to get a search warrant.

It happened in this case in Northern Arizona.

If you have a safe and the cops want to search it they will probably lie and say the can "smell illegal drugs" in the safe to give them the "probable cause" needed to get a search warrant and legally search the safe.

In this case the cops probably made up the part about being able to smell "marijuana" in the safe.

The fact that Interstate 40 is a freeway that cops frequently use profiles to stop suspected drug smuggler is another reason I suspect the cops "lied" about smelling pot in the safes. If the cops are going to use profiling to stop people with out "probable cause", you can figure the cops will also lie about having "probable cause" to search get a search warrant to search the safes.


2 arrested in Ariz. after pot found in safe

Jan. 27, 2010 12:17 PM

Associated Press

PRESCOTT - Yavapai County sheriff's deputies have arrested two New Mexico men after they say a search turned up marijuana in their vehicle and in a small safe they were hauling.

Authorities say a deputy stopped the men's sports utility vehicle Tuesday on Interstate 40 west of Seligman on a speeding charge.

Officials say the deputy could smell marijuana while talking to the driver, 26-year-old Daniel Burkett and passenger, 19-year-old Thomas Thompson.

Deputies say a drug-sniffing dog alerted to the vehicle, and they found several bags of marijuana, a digital scale and two small safes.

They say the first was empty, [but the cops claimed they smelled drugs in it] but the second contained more than three pounds of marijuana.

The men were arrested on charges of transportation of marijuana for sale.


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