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Maricopa County City Sales Taxes

I always thought Tempe had the highest sales taxes in Arizona. I think I got it wrong. Tempe has the highest tax rate of any city in Arizona but their sales tax rate is not the highest in Arizona. Please note Tempe has a sales tax on food, while most other Arizona cities don't shake you down with a sales tax when you buy food.

When it comes to sales tax rip offs Fountain Hills is number one in Arizona!

Glendale is in second place when it comes to sales tax rip offs. Phoenix is in third place for sales tax rip offs, followed by Tempe and then Mesa.

City Total
Sales Tax
Sales Tax
Maricopa County
Sales Tax
Arizona State
Sales tax
Fountain Hills 8.90% 2.60% 0.7% 5.6%
Glendale 8.50% 2.20% 0.7% 5.6%
Phoenix 8.30% 2.00% 0.7% 5.6%
Tempe 8.10% 1.80% 0.7% 5.6%
Mesa 8.05% 1.75% 0.7% 5.6%
Scottsdale 7.95% 1.65% 0.7% 5.6%
Chandler 7.80% 1.50% 0.7% 5.6%
Gilbert 7.80% 1.50% 0.7% 5.6%

This information was from an article in the Arizona Republic on September 20, 2009. The Republic said their source of the tax rates was the Arizona Tax Research Association.


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