Arizona medical marijuana project

Get paid to gather signatures for medical marijuana petitions

Dear Citizens of Arizona:

We're pleased to announce that the Arizona Medical Marijuana Policy Project is about to launch its long-awaited campaign to pass an effective medical marijuana initiative in Arizona in November 2010! With your help, AMMPP plans to ensure that Arizona patients battling cancer, AIDS, and other life-threatening diseases no longer face the threat of arrest and jail for simply trying to alleviate their pain and suffering, under the advice of their doctors.

But AMMPP needs your help. Its first training session for signature gatherers will be Monday, May 18, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Coffee Plantation, on the corner of Sixth Street and Mill Avenue in Tempe, Arizona. To sign up, you must bring a government-issued ID, as well as a utility bill or vehicle registration showing your Arizona address. You must be an Arizona resident and be able to pass a criminal background check to circulate petitions.

Arizona law requires that AMMPP collect 153,365 valid signatures before July 2010. AMMPP is paying $1 for every valid signature turned in. As an added bonus for dedicated signature gatherers who have a high percentage of valid signatures (65% or higher), AMMPP will pay $1 for every signature turned in. Don't miss this opportunity to set your own hours and get paid $9 to $15 an hour by working as an independent contractor, all while helping to protect the sick and dying!

Of course, collecting this many signatures is not going to be cheap. Would you please consider donating at least $10 right now, so AMMPP can afford to place this compassionate act on the ballot?

While Arizona voters originally passed a medical marijuana law in 1996, a drafting error prevented it from ever taking effect. This desperately needs to be rectified: Arizona patients deserve the legal protection and peace of mind that comes with an effective law. Voters have already expressed their support for protecting patients from arrest and jail, which bodes well for the campaign. But AMMPP first needs to qualify the initiative for the ballot.

Thank you for supporting the Marijuana Policy Project and all of our allies.


Andrew Myers
Arizona Campaign Manager
Marijuana Policy Project

P.O. Box 77492
Capitol Hill,
Washington, D.C.


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