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Adolf Schicklgruber

I had lunch with a friend yesterday and he jokingly gave me a fake name I could use for my emails he said it was
Adolf Schieklgruber
which was Hitlers orginal name.

And he sent this to me in an email.

Adolf Schieklgruber was born April 20, 1899 in Gasthof zum Pommer, a modestinn in the town of Braunau am inn , across the border from Bavaria.

Source: Rise and Fall of the third reich (1959)
by WilliamShirer. PAGE 21.

I googled on that and only got one hit in English which looked like it refered to Hitler when he was an artist in Munich. I got a bunch of hits on the google but in German which i cant read.

google suggested to try the word

Adolf Schicklgruber
which removed the "e" from the Schiek part and I got a bunch of english hits which are definatelly referning to Hitler.

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